Employee Behaviours

The Borough of Poole recognises that its employees are fundamental to its success.

By displaying the six Priority Employee Behaviours we are embodying Borough of Poole's values, enabling us to deliver better services and improve the quality of life for the people of Poole.

Priority Employee Behaviours

The Six Priority Employee Behaviours are:

Understanding Poole's Purpose and Values - Champion the purpose and values of the organisation and apply them in your every day work, as well as when you're with colleagues and customers. 

Courage and Integrity  - Stand up for what is right in the face of resistance. Confront difficult problems and try to solve them, even if it isn't your role. Take responsibility for your actions, and if things go wrong try to work out how they can be done better next time.

Open to change and seeking Improvement  - Find new ways of working to improve service delivery. Work with teams and across services to solve problems. Think creatively, even if solutions may go against the norm.

Working Together  - Learn with, and from others and put this learning into practice. Develop partnerships and work hard to keep them and make them effective. Value and use the knowledge, skills, experiences and resources of others.

Helping To Build High Performing Teams - Celebrate team success. Help and support others to widen their skills.  Work to develop a shared culture across the organisation. We are the Borough of Poole. 

Customer Focus - Take ownership of customers needs and try to solve them. Regularly  review customer experiences to learn and improve. Treat everyone fairly and embrace diversity.