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Poole Children’s Social Care has a reputation for valuing and nurturing talent. We create services which really do make a difference for vulnerable children, young people and their families. We recognise, value and hold onto 'what works and what matters' and do this by listening carefully to our workforce and the children and families we work with.

Poole Adult Social Care provides a range of services to help the residents of Poole to stay independent and enjoy healthy lives. We work in partnership with a range of other agencies and we offer information and advice to anyone who contacts our services. We help people who come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of needs.

Our casual worker bank, the Professional Register, provides temporary staff in specialist areas to support Council business needs. We are looking for qualified social workers who are prepared to lend their specialist skills to the Borough of Poole.

To join our Talent Pool you will first need to register on our jobs site and then complete our online application process. This is where you can upload your CV, and you will also be able to complete a skills questionnaire, which is your opportunity to tell us about the skills and experience which you can offer.

Once you have joined the bank, your details will be added to our secure database from which our managers can select suitable candidates. If you are identified as a suitable candidate, the manager will contact you directly to invite you to attend an interview.

Placements can be of varying duration up to six months and various hours, dependent on the needs of the business and your flexibility. Your hourly rate will be based on the duties and responsibilities being undertaken. Payment is via our payroll on a monthly timesheet basis.

Benefits include holiday pay and flexibility while working with one of the largest employers in Poole.

You can read more on our information page.

Apply today and join our network of talented professionals. Please call Lauren Prosser on 01202 633432 if you have any questions about the Professional Register.

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